Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New new new things


I decided I was bored of me in general, particularly with my appearance and so I decided to spice things up a little. Literally. I got a haircut. 

I always wanted to go shorter but I thought it would restrict what I could do with my hair. Also, I wouldn't be able to whip my hair like Willow Smith.

What do you think? Who rules the world of good hair?

 Short vs long it is! 

Georgia xox

P.s - I am reaaaallllyyyy trying to keep up to date with posts but school takes over my life and my life hates me. So yeah I'm going to do my best.

P.p.s I am helping making my fab friend a blog so she can join the crew of online fashionistas!!! I'll let you know the details when we are done :) 

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