Thursday, 31 October 2013

England is full of sunshine... I wish!

Hey, hiya, howdy. How ya doin' my lovely blogeurs?!

I have arrived back from Valencia - and I must say the flight was quite interesting. There was one man who felt it was necessary to play candy crush throughout the duration of it, and every time he made a move it would make a bleeping sound.

There is nothing more Infuriating. I promise you.

On a positive note I can come back looking forward to seeing my friends and family. And getting drunk. Etc.

Have a lovely day!

Georgia xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dear Valencia...

Hey y'alllllll.

I am so sorry, I am utterly hopeless. I post very little and I will do something about it!!

So for the past week I've been living it up in Espagna. The weather is divine and I'm having such a great time here with my Grandparents (they live here). Yesterday even reached 32 degrees!

I stuck to my word and splashed my cash on payday in La Vital mall. A large majority of this money was spend in H&M and another random shop I cannot remember the name, but I do remember I got loads of nice stuff. I will try and do a haul of some sort if anyone is interested, if anyone is reading this post right now...

Talk soon. Please pester me if you want more posts and photos.

Georgia xx

 smiles all round...