Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Trick yourself into eating healthily!

Personally eating healthy has always been a struggle throughout my lifetime. For some bizarre reason, a chocolate bar or a Krispy Kreme donut will always win over an apple. Why is this? Because it looks more appetizing. 

Many of these photos are popular on Instagram today as we all want to remember what our meals looked like before we ate them. Sadly, this is literally me. 

So, I have a solution! The more yummy it looks, the more we want to eat it, right?

Here is a strawberry yogurt and fruit combo I made earlier this evening. Tastes and looks amazing.. Trust me! 

Want to make one of these? 

▶️ Strawberry yogurt (fat free) - 6 spoonfuls.
▶️ 10-12 cherries 
▶️4 strawberries
▶️blueberries (however many you like)
Optional - brown caster sugar.

In order to create this simple bowl of wonder, begin by placing however many spoonfuls of yogurt you want in your bowl. I used strawberry flavoured yogurt because I find it tastes sweeter which satisfies my sweet tooth yet it's far healthier than chocolate! 
Cut the strawberries into quarters, slicing off the stem, turn it flat and cut from the top.
Cut the cherries either side of the pip and place them inside up in the bowl. 
Place the blueberries in a little pattern on the center. Remember to be creative! Make your own patterns. 
Additionally if you'd like too, add some caster sugar in the middle for extra sweet. 

Have fun making! 

Yours, Georgia 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New new new things


I decided I was bored of me in general, particularly with my appearance and so I decided to spice things up a little. Literally. I got a haircut. 

I always wanted to go shorter but I thought it would restrict what I could do with my hair. Also, I wouldn't be able to whip my hair like Willow Smith.

What do you think? Who rules the world of good hair?

 Short vs long it is! 

Georgia xox

P.s - I am reaaaallllyyyy trying to keep up to date with posts but school takes over my life and my life hates me. So yeah I'm going to do my best.

P.p.s I am helping making my fab friend a blog so she can join the crew of online fashionistas!!! I'll let you know the details when we are done :)